Lightning Wire Labs offers various levels of support.

We are available for guidance on the best approach and log in to your IPFire appliance and configure it ourselves. We are available for any level of assistance. We also review your configuration to ensure it follows general firewall best practices and provide recommendations on improvements.

For more information about pricing and availability please head to our IPFire support page or contact us directly.

We provide professional services through our certified consultants. Services include deployment, integration, updates and migration.

Certified Consultants

Our professional services are delivered through a network of certified consultants either remotely or on-site in English and German.

Our certified consultants are well versed in IPFire and in order to receive the 'certified' blessing, they must have years of experience, both with IPFire and with being a professional consultant.

Although IPFire is Open Source software that already provides a large set of features, it may be that functionality you need is not part of IPFire.

We provide enhancements on request and adding the features you need.