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Launching IPFire on AWS

06 Oct 2018 by Michael Tremer

Today, we are launching IPFire on the Amazon Cloud, our first IPFire Appliance in the Cloud.

For everyone, who is already using IPFire in their own data centers, their offices or branches, figuring out AWS is now over. You can now run IPFire as you know it in the Cloud. Using all features as you are used to them and configure them easily through the IPFire web user interface.

Hosting infrastructure in the cloud is becoming more and more important for almost all businesses. It gives you flexibility to grow without a large financial commitment in the beginning and loads of technical features that are expensive to implement in your own data center.


Amazon is the market leader in the cloud business for years, offering a system that has by far the most advanced features. Anything is possible - given a generous budget. But with that large feature set, it is hard to configure this complex system and very often a simpler solution would have done the job.

IPFire is a lot easier to configure and offers powerful features for the cloud without requiring to be an expert on AWS:

In the Cloud, IPFire grows with you

IPFire runs on smallest hardware as well as on large rack-mounted appliances. It works the same in the cloud!

Starting with a small instance that costs only a few dollars a month to run, you can grow to a large instance that handles gigabits of traffic if you need to. On AWS, 10G and 25G interfaces are supported.

Use IPFire’s powerful set of features

IPFire comes with IPsec and OpenVPN on board making it perfect to securely connect your office, employees or IoT equipment to the cloud giving it access to all internal services you are hosting.

Firewall rules are quickly and easily configured and with the IPFire Intrusion Prevention System, you will find and block any malicious attackers.

See some more examples on the detailed product page.

IPFire is versatile

While setting up IPFire in the cloud, you can grow your business and infrastructre. When ever you decide to leave AWS, you can just backup your configuration and take it with you to the new place.

Whether that would be an on-premise appliance or another AWS region is entirely up to you. Migration is easy and done within minutes.

Try it out today

We have compiled comprehensive documenation on how to set up IPFire on AWS that doesn’t require you to be an expert at all. We also give you a free trial.

What are you waiting for? Try out IPFire on AWS today!