IPFire Hardware Appliances

The perfect firewall appliance! Secure, powerful and there is one for everywhere. Whether you are running a large enterprise, medium-sized business, data centre or working from a home office.

What Makes Our Appliances So Unique?

Thousands of Features

IPFire is a top-of-the-range firewall OS running many enterprises, businesses, authorities, schools & universities. Being Open Source, it can be freely audited and has no extra licensing cost.

Industrial Components Only

Reliability is most important for a firewall - after security of course. We only use industrial components that are heavily tested to provide a long life and solid performance in all situations.

A Perfect Combination

IPFire is tuned by us get everything out of the hardware. The IPFire team uses Lightning Wire Labs appliances as reference hardware for development and testing.

Designed for Performance

We strongly focus on performance. Low latency and high throughput make your network faster and increase productivity of your whole business.

Go Green!

With CO2-neutral shipping and cutting down engery-consumption of the appliances themselves, we have designed our products with the environment in mind. Not only to help saving money, but also the planet.

Ready To Go!

All appliances come pre-installed with the latest version of IPFire and are installed in any network within minutes. Maintenance is little and easy to do.

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