IPFire Hardware Appliances

When we designed our own hardware appliances for IPFire, our primary objective was reliability. We built a system out of carefully selected components, that have proven to give the best performance and stability.

Appliance Models

There are three preconfigured versions of the IPFire hardware appliance available. The Eco model is designed for small businesses, branches and home offices. Our IPFire Professional Appliance and IPFire Premium Appliance are recommended for larger companies, schools, and authorities with significantly more users.

For enterprises, schools, and authorities

The IPFire Professional Appliance of our appliance series is designed for small to large businesses. It is capable to easily handle up to a couple of hundreds simultaneous users with no extra licensing cost. If you require using multiple of the excellent features of IPFire there is an even more powerful version available: The IPFire Premium Appliance provides extra reliablility for redundant storage (RAID-1), a faster processor and more memory for even the most performance-demanding environments.

Both are perfectly used in your headquarters to connect branch offices with VPN technology and serve the local network. We put four Gigabit Ethernet adapters into both of them for high network throughput and low-latency networking. This makes them perfect for connecting a DMZ with storage services and never lets you down on realtime communication services like Voice-over-IP.

They come in a 19" rack-mount case and consume less than 30W when idle.

IPFire Professional

Small, but still powerful

For very small businesses like a home office or branch offices, we built an appliance, which is even more environment-friendly. Consuming only 15 watts, it comes with all the features like their bigger brothers, but only for a smaller number of users.

Our IPFire Eco Appliance also is completely fan-less and does not make any sound. So it is perfect for working inside the office.

IPFire Eco

IPFire Premium & Professional Appliances

IPFire Professional IPFire Professional

Our IPFire Premium and IPFire Professional appliances come in a rack-mount enclosure and pre-installed with the latest version of IPFire. Mount it in your server rack and you are ready to go!

IPFire Premium Appliance IPFire Professional Appliance
Pre-installed with IPFire and ready to go!
Quad-Core Intel Xeon CPU Dual-Core Intel i3 Series CPU
Mirrored Solid-State Disks
with 128 GB capacity
80GB SSD storage
Four powerful Gigabit Ethernet ports
2x 10G Ethernet available on request
36 months warranty 24 months warranty
(optionally 36 months)

Only 2498 €

Only 1269 €

You are not satisfied with the hardware configuration we offer? Get in touch with us and ask for an IPFire appliance, that fits your needs.

IPFire Eco & Eco Plus Appliances

IPFire Eco IPFire Eco
IPFire Eco Plus Appliance IPFire Eco Appliance
4x GBit Ethernet
more than 25 users 1 to 25 users
100% silent
2-year warranty
WiFi optional

Only 989 €

Only 749 €

Download PDF datasheet of all our appliances

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Searching even smaller?

IPFire Prime Box

Head over to www.fountainnetworks.com where you can find our appliances for smallest businesses, home offices, machine-to-machine communication and the Internet-of-Things.

What makes our appliances so unique?

Industrial components only

Reliability is most important for a firewall which should provider Internet access 24 hours a day. Therefore we only use industrial components that guarantee a long life and solid performance in all situations.

A perfect combination

Software & Hardware need to work together. Therefore we constantly improve the driver support for our hardware components and enhance IPFire so that it is able to utilise everything that is available: Acceleration for network operations and cryptographic chipsets.

Designed for performance

We strongly believe that performance matters under all circumstances. Networks have become an integral part of our companies and daily lives so that many services rely on it. A fast network will increase the productivity of your company, too.