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IPFire on AWS: Update to IPFire 2.25 - Core Update 141

27 Feb 2020 by Michael Tremer

Today, we have updated IPFire on AWS to IPFire 2.25 - Core Update 141 - the latest official release of IPFire.

Since IPFire is available on AWS, we are gaining more and more users who are securing their cloud infrastructure behind an easy to configure, yet fast and secure firewall.

This update adds the rewritten DNS stack and brings many bug fixes to the cloud.


Managing DNS servers in IPFire has been re-imagined in this release of IPFire. Before, there were many places where DNS was configured which varied for each system depending on how it connected to the Internet.

For the cloud, we have added some changes that might be relevant for you:

For new installations, we won’t use Amazon’s DNS servers any more since they do not support DNSSEC. By default, the system runs in recursor mode which means that IPFire will contact authoritative DNS servers directly.

For that, Security Groups need to allow IPFire connecting UDP/53 and TCP/53 for any IP address on the Internet.

Systems that are upgraded will automatically carry the previous configuration over. We recommend reviewing those settings and ask you to consider to configure DNS-over-TLS.

Try it out today for free!

There is a detailed installation guide available which helps you setting up your cloud correctly for IPFire.

How to update?

For all customers that are already running on the latest image, there is nothing to do here but to make sure that you have all updates installed on your instance.

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