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Hello World!

23 Mar 2018 by Michael Tremer

Welcome to our redesigned website. The new face of Lightning Wire Labs. A new design, to reflect the open and innovative culture of our company, and our forward thinking.

If you are our customer, welcome to the new website. If you are new, welcome to Lightning Wire Labs. Stay excited for a year that already has some new product launches lined up and some big events on the calendar.

Over the next weeks and months, we will add more information about our variety of products and services and show you what we do.

Our new website has also received a new voice.

Being open is one of the most important priciples of the software that we develop, and why should we not adopt such a successful principle to other sectors of our business, too?

Look forward to reading articles from me and our and staff, and potentially some featured guest articles that will give you insight about what we do, talk about opinions on current matters in the market and news, and learn about how innovation is done at Lightning Wire Labs.

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