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A Product Update on the IPFire Nano Box

12 Dec 2018 by Michael Tremer

With great regret I have to announce that there no longer will be an IPFire Nano Box. Over the last couple of weeks, the project has unfortunately become infeasible and altogether we decided to pull the plug.

For the first time, we have to admit failure implementing a product. Unfortunately this is a product that has received so much interest and got so many people excited about. Thank you for all the great words and thanks for sharing that excitement with us.

It was such a great device indeed. So many great features in a tiny box.

The prototypes showed great performance, it was something that hasn’t been available on the market before and would have filled a huge gap for many people. But after all, it wasn’t only about the technical details. Sometimes, some other factors have to match, too - and in this case, they just did not.

Luckily, we are taking a lot away from the project. We have learned so much about so many different things and certainly many ideas will be taken with us into new projects and live on.

We are looking forward very much to 2019 and we have many new things lined up. Stay tuned to our blog to hear about them soon!