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If you got here from tpkshield.net, you have been frauded

13 Jul 2019 by Michael Tremer

Some fraudulent person has made a copy of the IPFire website and is trying to sell some service. If you have reached our website through them, you have probably paid money to a fraudster!

Today, Saturday the 13th of July, I have been made aware of yet another attempt to damage the IPFire project. Someone has taken the IPFire website, removed all logos and references to the project and replaced it with their own name. All mentions of IPFire being free software have been removed and a big “Pricing” button has been created where the operator of this website is asking you to pay money to use his “product”.

Unfortunately, it was forgotten to update the support page which still mentions IPFire and says that you can get support from Lightning Wire Labs. Hence, we have been contacted by various “customers” of this “company”.

If you are one of those, I can only recommend to report this company to your local authority and ask for your money back.

We have absolutely no affiliation with this company, person or who ever is behind it and we have no idea if this product actually exists and if it does if it is a clone of IPFire. If it was, then this would of course violate the license of IPFire which is free software which cannot be sold and of course it is copyright infringement of removing the name and fraud to sell it as your own.