Goodbye Fountain Networks

Fountain Networks, the joint-venture between Lightning Wire Labs and TX-Team has closed in favour of something new.

Over the years, it was a great place to make purchasing our products easier for consumers and helped us to promote them a great deal.

But our appliances are more than that. They are not just for consumers, and they are not only for businesses either. They are for everyone.

Therefore we are working on something new and are going to streamline our business to make buying our products even faster and easier.

Our product line will of course remain available and we are even very excited to be able to announce some new products in the very near future.

For Our Customers

If you have recently purchased from our Fountain Networks online shop and have any questions or RMAs, please contact TX-Team directly at:

TX-Team GmbH
Nonnenwaldstrasse 25
82377 Penzberg

Online at or by phone under +49 8856 803900