The Open Source Firewall

IPFire is an Open Source Firewall based on Linux. It's focus is to secure networks while being easy to operate and maintain. It provides many features like VPNs, advanced firewall configuration and of course great performance in all environments.

Lightning Wire Labs is a major supporter of the project and provides many resources for the community to run the project.

A major portion of our profits are used to fund ongoing development, maintenance and research within the IPFire project. It is very important to use that those who profit from the project also fund its development and this is our means to accomplish this.

With your support or reseller subscription, you automatically contribute to reasearching new technology and making IPFire more amazing.

IPFire Appliances

We offer a wide range of appliances that are perfectly optimised to run with IPFire and deliver maximum performance at all times.

Those are currently running in companies on many continents of the world, in government authorities of various countries and many schools and universities from IoT applications, over small or home offices to headquarters of large corporations.

Hardware Appliances Virtual Appliances


Being developed over decades, IPFire has a huge number of features that are way too many to be listed here. It is very flexible and scalable and has been modified so suite many needs. These are a few features that are most commonly used in IPFire. A full list of features is available on the official website.

Next Generation Firewall

The firewall engine allows to group networks and hosts so that creating large rulesets is still easy and you will never loose oversight.

Features like DoS protection and blocking based on country allow IPFire to protect networks against various attacks and help to mitigate spam, malware and many more.


IPFire provides IPsec and OpenVPN connectivity to easily allow to create secure tunnels over the Internet and connect your headquarters to all branch offices and home office workers to the IT infrastructure they need.

Open Source

IPFire is open and free software.

The code is publicly available to be reviewed and studied by everyone. It has been audited by a number of our customers to ensure that their network is one hundred percent protected by IPFire.

Web Filtering

IPFire has a very powerful web proxy that allows to manage access to the Internet for devices on the network as well as filtering content for example for students in a school.

Easy Management

IPFire is easy to manage and only requires a minimum amount of maintenance. Updates with new features and security fixes are released regularly and only one click is required to install them.

Support Services

Lightning Wire Labs is offering various levels of support. Being only a phone call or an email away, our team of experts is here for you whenever your business requires it.

We discuss best practices, review configuration, design networks and troubleshoot any problems together with you.

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Does your project require a custom solution?

Together with our international network of partners, we are building custom solutions with and around IPFire. In various areas of business like digital marketing, energy supply, automotive and more, we have realised many exciting projects with our customers and delivered solutions that have been optimised for their individual needs.

If you have a new project and would like to work with us and our partners, please get in touch.