Peering Policy

We practise an open peering policy with everyone who wants to peer with us under these terms and conditions:

  • Peers must only send traffic to peers announced through us
  • Peers must only send traffic from their own networks and downstreams
  • Peers must operate a NOC that can be contacted by email
  • Peers must be registered at any well-known IRR and keep their records up to date
  • Peers should cooperate in handling any cases of abuse like DoS attacks
  • Peers should enforce a strict routing policy by using filters
  • Peers should aggregate their routes to avoid inflating the global routing table

Technical Terms

  • Prefixes shorter than /48 will be filtered
  • Prefixes with private and other invalid ASNs in AS_PATH will be filtered
  • Bogon prefixes will be filtered

We prefer routes as follows:

  1. Routes learned from customers
  2. Routes learned from peers
  3. Routes learned from transit